Kiraly Boutique Residence

Unique investment at Kiraly St.

Boutique Apartment Hotel****

Fully equipped apartments

Fix expected yield

15 years experience

Handover: 2021. I. semester



KIRÁLY BOUTIQUE RESIDENCE is an apartment complex under a rental rotation system located in the most sought-after area in Budapest.

The project consists of two buildings: one with 6 floors facing Kiraly Street and the other with 7 floors and views of the garden courtyard. Guests can enjoy a bar-cafeteria with a street-level entrance. All the apartments will be equipped with air-conditioner and fully mechanized kitchen. Carefully selected and high-quality materials contribute to the apartment's impeccable interior design. They also come with airconditioning, fully equipped kitchens and an underground parking lot with direct access for added comfort.

Kiraly Boutique building


KIRÁLY BOUTIQUE will allow you to profit on your investment through the joint operation of the complex, offering a model combining guaranteed fixed returns with variable returns (based on the actual operating profits). This model will provide you an estimated annual profitability above 7%, stress-free and without assuming any structural or maintenance costs for your apartment.

KATEGORA REAL ESTATE will be the company responsible for managing the apartments. Their experience spanning more than 12 years secures their status as a company ensuring success. In total, their investment portfolio includes 800 assets owned by 400 clients that have put their trust in Kategora for more than a decade.


The apartments will be handed over fully-equipped with a kitchen and energy-saving appliances as well as fully furnished with high-quality furniture and all the elements necessary to start being used (linens, tableware, TV, lighting, decorations, etc.).

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