Downtown passion


Modern living

In the Center of Budapest

60 apartments



The Building

The project consists of two buildings, one with a facade facing the Király street with 6 floors, one internal part with views to the garden with 7 floors. The customers, clients, landlords can enjoy a shop and a common reception area on the ground floor of the building. The apartments come with air-conditioning equipments and ful- ly mechanized kitchens. The used materials are chosen from the best quality. The interior of the apartments are planned by award-winning in- terior designers. The inhabitants will be able to enjoy two levels of parking below the building.

Who runs the ManageMent oF the Building?

Kategora real estate will be the company responsible for the management of the apartments. The experience gained over more than ten years serves as a proof that Kategora Real Estate is a firm with guarantee of success. Its portfolio is made up by 800 properties, owned by 400 clients who have trusted Kategora for more than a decade.

Are the apartMents Fully eQuipped?

The apartments are equipped with high quality, move-in ready furniture, including a kitchen, a wide range of energy- efficient electrical appliances. The mobilias are carefully selected through our property management experienced lenses.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need further information,
please feel free to contact
Edina Sugai
+36 20 239 09 25

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